Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Eniva - Taking Wellness To The World


Eniva was founded on May 1, 1998 in Minnesota by entrepreneurs with the dream of building a company that was different than the rest…one where people come first, where products work, and where principles do make a difference in the way the company is operated. Since opening, that is exactly what Eniva has done – taking wellness to the world through the introduction of great and life-changing products.

Eniva works within two facilities (with a third coming soon) for research and manufacturing. Unlike the rest, Eniva is able to control the entire process of their 90 products. Eniva is able to research, design, test all of their product to ensure top quality. Eniva's success has lead to a 165-person team within the company and 300,000 independent distributors worldwide. Eniva has been debt-free and financially sound for years.

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jenny said...

Eniva is a very interesting health product. I have always been a fan of health supplements that's why I am interested with this one

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