Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eniva Vibe – The Liquid Form

What’s wrong with our current supplements?

Throughout the years, people have taken supplements and enhancements in conventional methods of pills and tablets. However, recent scientific studies have proven that these pills and tablets that we take everyday are not the best forms because they are not properly absorbed and used by the body. Remember, say no to pills and tablets. Say yes to Eniva Vibe.

In order for the cells of our bodies to efficiently absorb and use mineral particles, there are three fundamental requirements:

1. Proper Particle Size

2. A Water-Soluble Form

3. An Ionic Change

Eniva Vibe
Why Liquid?

From looking at nature we know that water is the ideal design for nutrient delivery systems. Water is the foundation for every nutrient delivery system for all forms of life. In plants, nutrients are absorbed from the soil and located within the plant in a water-soluble and compatible form that can be consumed by both plants and people. When eating food, it is the body's duty to release nutrients and further make them obtainable for cellular use through specific body processes. No matter what we consume, the goal is the same - to make it soluble with water.

Many of Eniva Vibe users have experienced IMMEDIATE results within a minute after consumption. This just goes to prove that liquid form is the best and most effective method of taking supplements. I urge you to try Eniva Vibe today. It’s just a small price to be for long lasting healthy results. Eniva has been changing the lives of many and now you can too!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Eniva Vibe

What is Eniva Vibe?

Eniva Vibe is the complete nutrient supplement to address numerous health goals. Eniva Vibe is the most inclusive answer to the body's need for life-giving nutrients. This all-in-one supplement supplies a suitable, great tasting, economical, and powerful way to receive the right amount of nutrition for vibrant living. A more complete, confirmed combination of healthful good in liquid design can't be seen anywhere else. This is what makes Eniva Vibe so special.

Eniva Vibe

Why should you take Eniva Vibe?

Now more than ever should we be taking an all-in-one supplement like Eniva Vibe. Currently, America leads the world in nutrient-depleted soil. This sad but true fact doesn’t allow us Americans to receive our daily mineral requirement. As well, our society relies too much on fast food (McDonald’s, Burger King) that deprives us of living healthy. With Eniva Vibe, you receive proper nutrition which promotes a healthy lifestyle and keeps the body in shape.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Eniva - Making it Happen

EnivaChairman and CEO
Andrew Baechler

Since becoming President of Eniva Corporation, Andrew Baechler has instantly become the driving force behind the company's success. He has been actively involved in the extraordinary growth of the company, increasing memberships from 200 to 300,000 in a matter of 8 years. Under his supervision, Eniva Corporation was awarded the fastest growing, privately held company in Minnesota. While in the University of Wisconsin, Andrew gained experience as a top performer with a range of network marketing companies. A devoted and dedicated leader, Andrew offers a foundation of experience for Eniva Corporation's future. His vast guidance and leadership abilities have led many network marketing experts to believe that Andrew will become the “Bill Gates” of the network marketing business.

Eniva VibeVice Chairman and Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Benjamin Baechler

Dr. Baechler was enrolled at the University of Minnesota Medical School where he received his medical training. He graduated, with honors, in Immunology and Medical Microbiology from the University of Wisconsin, a school known for its leading research. Dr. Baechler’s studies are comprised of areas in nutrient delivery systems and angiogenesis. His exceptional scholarly abilities have not gone unnoticed. He’s been the recipient of the Angiogenesis Foundation of America Research Fellowship and received the prestigious Hilldale Foundation Research Fellowship. He was fortunate to serve President of the American Medical Association (MSS).

Dr. Baechler is a proud to be a member of the American Medical Association, the Minnesota Medical Association, and obtained certification from the American Nutraceutical Association. His ability to work with others has led to a number of various research publications. Up to now, Dr. Baechler has devised more than 80 wellness products, including products to assist in problems such as anti-aging and heart health.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Eniva - Taking Wellness To The World


Eniva was founded on May 1, 1998 in Minnesota by entrepreneurs with the dream of building a company that was different than the rest…one where people come first, where products work, and where principles do make a difference in the way the company is operated. Since opening, that is exactly what Eniva has done – taking wellness to the world through the introduction of great and life-changing products.

Eniva works within two facilities (with a third coming soon) for research and manufacturing. Unlike the rest, Eniva is able to control the entire process of their 90 products. Eniva is able to research, design, test all of their product to ensure top quality. Eniva's success has lead to a 165-person team within the company and 300,000 independent distributors worldwide. Eniva has been debt-free and financially sound for years.